Tom Lane wrote:
Andrew Dunstan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
+                        * Fill in just enough information to set up this perl
+                        * function in the safe container and call it.
+                        * For some reason not entirely clear, it prevents 
errors that
+                        * can arise from the regex code later trying to load
+                        * utf8 modules.

How many versions of Perl have you tried this against?


Only one :-( I don't have a farm of perl versions hanging round. That's one of the reasons I asked that people test it.

The version I tested against is 5.8.8 - the latest stable release. The 5.8 series started in 2003 from what I can see - if anyone has a sufficiently old system that they can test on 5.6.2 that will be useful. I spent an hour wrestling unsuccessfully with it this morning but I don't have more time to spend on it. Systems older than 5.6 don't matter, as we don't do any UTF8 mangling on those.



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