Tom Lane wrote:
I wrote:
I got around to trying it with a dusty 5.6.1 I have laying about on my
HPPA machine, and the news is not good: CREATE LANGUAGE plperl dumps
core deep inside libperl.  With or without this patch.

As best I can tell at the moment, I have not tested 5.6.1 with anything
later than our 7.2 branch, so I don't know exactly where the breakage
slipped in.  It may be of long standing.

Actually, libperl seems to dump core in the same place in every PG
version, back to and including 7.2, so what seems more likely is that
this copy of perl is just plain broken.  Since we didn't have any form
of regression test for plperl back then, it's entirely possible that
I never tested any further than compiling plperl with that setup.

So we still need someone to try it with a good copy of 5.6 ...


OK, I have built a fresh copy of perl 5.6.2 and built and linked HEAD against it. It passes the regression tests and the UTF8 test, and doesn't dump core. This is on FC6/x86_64.



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