On 21/03/2008, Tom Lane <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>  The code is now set up so that it can pass an entire field value
>  through gettext(), but if gettext recognizes the strings "foo" and
>  "bar" that doesn't mean it will do anything useful with "foo\nbar",
>  which is what this patch would require.


>  I suspect that to solve this in a non-kluge fashion we'd need to make
>  \du pull over the plain boolean and integer values, then build a new
>  PGresult data structure on its own.  Ugh.  (Actually, without any
>  support from libpq for building PGresults, it's hard to imagine doing
>  that in a way that wouldn't be a kluge itself.)
>  Or we could go back to the drawing board on what the output ought to
>  look like.

We can't just build the output table by hand like
describeOneTableDetails does?  Admittedly it's kludgy, but it's not an
unprecedented kludge.

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