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On Sun, 23 Mar 2008, Martin Pihlak <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Attached is a patch that enables tracking function calls through
the stats subsystem. Original discussion:

Introduces new guc variable - track_functions. Possible values are:
none - no collection, default
pl - tracks procedural language functions
all - tracks procedural, SQL and C (not internal) functions

I might have missed the discussion, but I'd love to see a more flexible
interface for configuration parameters. For instance, it'd be great if
we can specify which procedural languages to track in the `pl' GUC.
Moreover, if it'd be possible to specify which specific functions we
want to try, then that would be awesome as well.

For instance, possible configuration combinations for track_functions
can be:

  `pl:*'                - Tracks procedural, SQL and C (not internal)
                          functions in the `public' schema.
  `pl:pgsql'            - Tracks only PL/pgSQL functions.
  `pl:scheme'           - Tracks only PL/scheme functions.
  `foo(int, int)'       - Tracks related `foo' function in the public
  `stock.foo(int, int)' - Tracks related `foo' function in the `stock'
  `pl:stock.*'          - Tracks procedural, SQL and C (not internal)
                          functions in the `stock' schema.

Syntax can obviously be much more consistent. (These are just what I
come up with for the very moment.) And I'm aware of the overhead and
complexity(?) this sort of scheme will bring, but I really want to use
such a useful feature with mentioned flexibilities.

this patch is quite cool already.
it would be even cooler if we could define on a per-function basis.
in addition to that we could define a GUC defining whether TRACK or NOTRACK is used as default. in many cases you are only interested in a special set of functions anyway. as every operator is basically a procedure in postgres, i am not quite happy about the per-language approach.

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