Tom Lane wrote:
I wrote:
I'm starting to look through this now,

I found another fairly big problem, which is that this stuff isn't even
going to begin to compile on Windows.

Where exactly is taht problem? In getrusage()? We have a getrusage() in src/port that works fine on Windows, no?

What I think we should do about that is forget tracking getrusage()'s
user/system/real time and just track elapsed time.  We have the
technology to get that in a portable fashion (cf the well-proven
instrument.c code).  Such a decision would also alleviate two of the
biggest negatives of this patch, which are the runtime overhead and
the extent to which it's going to bloat the pgstats file.

Those argument makes a lot of sense, though. A bloated pgstats file can be a real problem. And I don't see that information as being all that helpful anyway.


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