Bruce Momjian escribió:
> Alvaro Herrera wrote:

> > I noticed you broke an URL that previously worked: what was
> > is now
> > 
> > May I suggest that the URLs with Message-Ids are stored outside the
> > particular patch queue directory?  The script I showed you yesterday
> > could be used to do that.
> My email are added/removed so I am unsure how to do that easily becuase
> the lists would share the same directory.  We don't have that problem
> with the archives.

My point is that you should only _add_ Message-Ids, not remove them.
You can move the messages from one queue to the other to your heart's
content, but the Message-Id URL should continue to work with no changes.

> > Also I noticed that by moving it to the hold queue, the comments that
> > may have existed on the patch queue are now gone :-(  I'm not sure if
> > there were any in this case, but it's better if we're aware of that
> > fact.  I think this could be solved if the "namespace" of the comment
> > does not contain the patch queue name.
> I specifically set things up so the comments should move with the email.

Yeah, I noticed that after sending the email -- the js-kit name seems to
be only "msgid-<foo>".  I thought the "permalink=" attribute was part of
that, but perhaps not?  In case you added that permalink attribute
because of my request the other day, let me clarify that what I was
actually thinking was having something like

<a href="[EMAIL PROTECTED]">permalink</a>

after the name of the poster, so that it would be visible on the index
page and the user didn't have to open the page to get it.

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