Alvaro Herrera wrote:
> Bruce Momjian escribi?:
> > Alvaro Herrera wrote:
> > > My point is that you should only _add_ Message-Ids, not remove them.
> > > You can move the messages from one queue to the other to your heart's
> > > content, but the Message-Id URL should continue to work with no changes.
> > 
> > Well, when an email is applied, it is deleted.  How do I update the
> > message-id for that in an automated manner.  Right now a rebuild deleted
> > all the links and recreates them.
> Well, remove the part that deletes links, and keep the part that
> creates links.  That way, links that used to work continue working.
> I am assuming you use hard links -- obviously this doesn't work with
> symlinks.  (My script creates hard links.)

I was using symlinks.  I try to avoid hardlinks that cross directories
--- not sure why, probably because I can't easily manage them to find
out what something is linked to without playing with inodes.  You are
right that if I used hard-links I put things in a separate directory,
and the hard links would still contain the email, though if the email
has been removed, should we still be returning it from a query?  I
suppose I could delete items with only one link.

Well, if I move the permanent links to another directory, as you
suggest, I am going to invalidate every link.  Maybe we should wait for
this commit fest to end and then I can create a permanent link directory
and use hard links.

Or is everyone OK with invalidating all the permanent links now.

> > > after the name of the poster, so that it would be visible on the index
> > > page and the user didn't have to open the page to get it.
> > 
> > We can do that if people want.  I used to show the message id on the
> > thread page but several felt it was too cluttered-looking.
> Well, it would have helped me.  I suggested "permalink" as text because
> it is less clutter than the full Message-Id.  Besides, the Message-Id by
> itself is useless, whereas a link is useful.

Are you talking about the permalink in the js-kit comment or the
permalink at the top of each message?  What text do you want to be the
permalink?  How is that created in an automated manner?

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