"Teodor Sigaev" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>  - compare function has third (optional) argument, of boolean type, it points 
> to
>    kind of compare: partial or exact match. If argument is equal to 'false',
>    function should produce comparing as usual, else function's result is
>    treated as:
>        = 0  - match
>        < 0  - doesn't match but continue scan
>        > 0  - stop scan

Perhaps a minor point but I think this would be cleaner as a separate opclass
function with a separate support number rather than overloading the comparison

Then if the support function is there it supports that type of scan and if it
doesn't then it doesn't, rather than depending on a magic third argument to
completely change behaviour. 

You can always share code using an internal function or if the behaviour is
identical just register the same function twice.

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