How about forcing the use of a bitmap index scan, and modify the indexam API so that GIN could a return a lossy bitmap, and let the bitmap heap scan do the rechecking?

Partial match might be used only for one search entry from many. In sext search example: 'a:* & qwertyuiop' - second lexeme has only a few matched tuples. But GIN itself doesn't know about semantic meaning of operation and can not distinguish following tsqueries:
'!a:* & qwertyuiop'
'!a:* & qwertyuiop'
'a:* & !qwertyuiop'

So, your suggestion is equivalent to mark all operation with RECHEK flag and OR-ing all posting lists. That will be give a lot of false match and too slow.

I don't think the storage size of tsquery matters much, so whatever is the best solution in terms of code readability etc.
That was about tsqueryesend/recv format? not a storage on disk. We don't require compatibility of binary format of db's files, but I have some doubts about binary dump.

We generally don't make any promises about cross-version compatibility of binary dumps, though it would be nice not to break it if it's not too much effort.

Hmm. match_special_index_operator() already checks that the index's opfamily is pattern_ops, or text_ops with C-locale. Are you reusing the same operator families for wildspeed? Doesn't it then also get confused if you do a "WHERE textcol > 'foo'" query by hand?
No, wildspeed use the same operator ~~
match_special_index_operator() isn't called at all: in match_clause_to_indexcol() function is_indexable_operator() is called before match_special_index_operator() and returns true.

expand_indexqual_opclause() sees that operation is a OID_TEXT_LIKE_OP and calls prefix_quals() which fails because it wishes only several Btree opfamilies.

Oh, I see. So this assumption mentioned in the comment there:

 * LIKE and regex operators are not members of any index opfamily,
 * so if we find one in an indexqual list we can assume that it
 * was accepted by match_special_index_operator().

is no longer true with wildspeed. So we do need to check that in expand_indexqual_opclause() then.

NOTICE 2: it seems to me, that similar technique could be implemented for ordinary BTree to eliminate hack around LIKE support.
LIKE expression. I wonder what the size and performance of that would be like, in comparison to the proposed GIN solution?

GIN speeds up '%foo%' too - which is impossible for btree. But I don't like a hack around LIKE support in BTree. This support uses outflank ways missing regular one.

You could satisfy '%foo%' using a regular and a reverse B-tree index, and a bitmap AND. Which is interestingly similar to the way you proposed to use a TIDBitmap within GIN.

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