Andrew Dunstan wrote:

> Second, it's not nearly as easy as that:
> . new commands have been added
> . postgres features have been added
> . catalogs have changed

Well, this just means a different piece of SQL needs to be sent for a
command depending on the server version, right?  It's not like that's
tremendously different.  The nice thing about most \X commands is that
they embed everything they need in a bunch of SQL, and they don't need
much else in C code.  So it's not all that difficult.

And for commands that have been added later, an initial version could
just say "this server version does not support this command".  It would
be already a huge improvement.

Probably the biggest change would be to support versions that did not
have schemas, but I think it would be OK to punt on that.  We already
stopped supporting 7.2 anyway.

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