Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Ron Mayer wrote:
>> This makes me think we shouldn't be hard-coding anything at all
>> as the welcome message; but rather having a default .psqlrc
>> in much the same way that that there's a default /etc/bash.bashrc
>> and /etc/csh.login.
>> Within that default .psqlrc we can put
>> \qecho "Whatever the default message is"
>> or
>> select "my message "+version();
>> to create the default, but then anyone with their own .psqlrc
>> can re-define it to whatever they think is a "good enough" UI.

> We could do that but we still have to design the default banner.

More to the point, we would then have to design API with which a
custom .psqlrc could put out information about psql version,
server version, SSL status, etc.  It would take a lot of work
to make this approach actually useful, and there isn't demand
to justify it AFAIK.

It's worth polishing the default behavior in any case, because
that is what newbies are going to see.

                        regards, tom lane

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