Tom Lane wrote:

> One particular case of interest is in truncate.out, where the
> table-at-a-time implementation of DROP TABLE is clearly exposed
> by the fact that you get multiple NOTICEs.  I wonder if it would
> be worth refactoring the code so that a multiple-object DROP is
> implemented via performMultipleDeletions().  This would have more
> than just cosmetic advantages: it would no longer matter what
> order you listed the tables in.  But the refactoring required looks
> bigger and more tedious than I want to tackle right now.

Hmm, this is a bit ugly.  I'd vote for doing the refactoring.  However,
I'd say you should commit the patch you currently have and let one of
the younger hackers fix that problem -- it looks like an good beginner

> I also want to note that we've historically had the code report
> auto-cascade drops as DEBUG2 messages.  I tried to merge those reports
> into the main one but it was a complete mess :-( because the client and
> server-log messages might have different numbers of entries depending on
> their log-level settings.  Almost the first case I tried favored me with
>       NOTICE: drop cascades to 0 other object(s)
>       DETAIL:
> reported to the client (with the server log of course saying something
> different).  So I gave up and left that behavior separate.

Huh, annoying.  Agreed with leaving that alone.

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