> As far as the "variadic int" versus "variadic int[]" business, I'm
> starting to agree with Pavel that "variadic int[]" offers less potential
> for confusion.  In particular, it seems to make it more obvious for the
> function author that the argument he receives is an array.  Also, the
> other one would mean that what we put into pg_proc.proargtypes doesn't
> agree directly with what the user thinks the argument types are.  While
> I think we could force that to work, it's not exactly satisfying the
> principle of least surprise.
> One issue that just occurred to me: what if a variadic function wants to
> turn around and call another variadic function, passing the same array
> argument on to the second one?  This is closely akin to the problem
> faced by C "..." functions, and the solutions are pretty ugly (sprintf
> vs vsprintf for instance).  Can we do any better?  At least in the
> polymorphic case, I'm not sure we can :-(.
>                        regards, tom lane

maybe with some flag like PARAMS?

SELECT least(PARAMS ARRAY[1,2,3,4,5,6])

Pavel Stehule

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