Stephen Frost <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> * Tom Lane ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
>> As far as the documentation/definition aspect goes, I think it should
>> just say the parts are
>> * stuff needed before you can load the data
>> * the data
>> * stuff needed after loading the data

> Even that is a lie though, which I guess is what my problem is.

True; the stuff done after is done that way at least in part for
performance reasons rather than because it has to be done that way.
(I think it's not only performance issues, though --- for circular
FKs you pretty much have to load the data first.)

>> I hadn't realized that Simon was using "pre-schema" and "post-schema"
>> to name the first and third parts.  I'd agree that this is confusing
>> nomenclature: it looks like it's trying to say that the data is the
>> schema, and the schema is not!  How about "pre-data and "post-data"?

> Argh.  The command-line options follow the 'data'/'load' line
> (--schema-pre-load and --schema-post-load), and so I think those are
> fine.  The problem was that in the documentation he switched to saying
> they were "Pre-Schema" and "Post-Schema", which could lead to confusion.

Ah, I see.  No objection to those switch names, at least assuming we
want to stick to positive-logic switches.  What did you think of the
negative-logic suggestion (--omit-xxx)?

                        regards, tom lane

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