Stephen Frost <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Are there use cases for just --omit-post-load or --omit-pre-load?

Probably not many.  The thing that's bothering me is the
action-at-a-distance property of the positive-logic switches.
How are we going to explain this?

        "By default, --schema-pre-load, --data-only, --schema-post-load
        are all ON.  But if you turn one of them ON (never mind that
        it was already ON by default), that changes the defaults for
        the other two to OFF.  Then you have to turn them ON (never
        mind that the default for them is ON) if you want two out of
        the three categories."

You have to bend your mind into a pretzel to wrap it around this
behavior.  Yeah, it might be convenient once you understand it,
but how long will it take for the savings in typing to repay the
time to understand it and the mistakes along the way?

                        regards, tom lane

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