Simon Riggs wrote:
On Sat, 2008-07-26 at 11:03 -0700, Joshua D. Drake wrote:

2. We have no concurrency which means, anyone with any database over 50G
has unacceptable restore times.


Sounds good.

Doesn't help with the main element of dump time: one table at a time to
one output file. We need a way to dump multiple tables concurrently,
ending in multiple files/filesystems.

Agreed but that is a problem I understand with a solution I don't. I am all eyes on a way to fix that. One thought I had and please, be gentle in response was some sort of async transaction capability. I know that libpq has the ability to send async queries. Is it possible to do this:

send async(copy table to foo)
send async(copy table to bar)
send async(copy table to baz)

Where all three copies are happening in the background?


Joshua D. Drake

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