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> 2. We have no concurrency which means, anyone with any database over 50G
> has unacceptable restore times.


Also the core reason for wanting -w

> 3. We have to continue develop hacks to define custom utilization. Why
> am I passing pre-data anything? It should be automatic. For example:
> pg_backup (not dump, we aren't dumping. Dumping is usually associated
> with some sort of crash or fould human behavoir. We are backing up).
>    pg_backup -U <user> -D database -F -f mybackup.sqlc
> If I were to extract <mybackup.sqlc> I would get:
>   mybackup.datatypes
>   mybackup.tables
>   mybackup.data
>   mybackup.primary_keys
>   mybackup.indexes
>   mybackup.constraints
>   mybackup.grants

Sounds good.

Doesn't help with the main element of dump time: one table at a time to
one output file. We need a way to dump multiple tables concurrently,
ending in multiple files/filesystems.

> Oh and pg_dumpall? It should have been removed right around the release
> of 7.2, pg_dump -A please.

Good idea

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