Andrew Dunstan wrote:

Joshua D. Drake wrote:

Agreed but that is a problem I understand with a solution I don't. I am all eyes on a way to fix that. One thought I had and please, be gentle in response was some sort of async transaction capability. I know that libpq has the ability to send async queries. Is it possible to do this:

send async(copy table to foo)
send async(copy table to bar)
send async(copy table to baz)

Where all three copies are happening in the background?

IIRC, libpq doesn't let you have more than one async query active at one time.

Now that I think on it harder, this isn't even a libpq problem (although its involved), we need the postmaster do be able to do a background async query. Which is (I am guessing) why libpq can only do one at a time.


Joshua D. Drake

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