I have installed pgaudit, and configured as:
pgaudit.log = 'ddl,role'
pgaudit.log_level = 'log'  (default)

Versions:  postgresql96 (9.6.6) , pgaudit96 (1.0.4), postgis 2.3.2,  Rhel 7.4

When I then install  postgis extension in a database it writes a huge amount of 
logs which slow down the server a lot.
Not only table creation and functions are logged,  even  all inserts in  
spatial_ref_sys are written to the audit-log.

INSERT INTO ""spatial_ref_sys"" (""srid"",""auth_name"

This behaviour make pgaudit useless in our environment due to the overhead in 
log-file write.
I have tried different combinations of  pgaudit.log  settings 
(role,-functions), (role),  and also changed pgaudit.log_level to  warning, but 
it was not better.

Does anybody have a useful  pgaudit settings which not overflow the log files, 
even when installing postgis or other extensions?

Also noticed that setting a session log to none (set pgaudit.log='none';)  
overrides parameter from postgresql.conf,  but does not get logged, and then 
you can do whatever you want without any audit.
I supposed this changing of  audit session log parameter should be logged to 


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