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> On 01/18/2018 04:12 AM, Svensson Peter wrote:
> > When I then install  postgis extension in a database it writes a huge
> > amount of logs which slow down the server a lot.
> > Not only table creation and functions are logged,  even  all inserts in
> > spatial_ref_sys are written to the audit-log.
> >
> > ......
> > INSERT INTO ""spatial_ref_sys"" (""srid"",""auth_name"
> > ....
> >
> > This behaviour make pgaudit useless in our environment due to the
> > overhead in log-file write.
> How often do you intend to install PostGIS? Disable pgaudit, install
> PostGIS, enable pgaudit?

Would it make sense for pgaudit to, at least by option, not include DDL
statements that are generated as "sub-parts" of a CREATE EXTENSION? It
should still log the CREATE EXTENSION of course, but not necessarily all
the contents of it, since that's actually defined in the extension itself

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