A test to create postgis extension made 4 rsyslog processes run for several 
minutes with high cpu util,
and when you have only 8 cpu:s this take lot of resources. 
The create command also have to wait until all the log are written so there are 
great impact.
Log file got 16 GB big only for this.

We have several databases in the same server, some of them with postgis.
Those databases are maintained bye different people, and tell them to disable 
every time they are doing something that can cause lot log will create a bad 
especially when we cannot see in the logs that they have disabled pgaudit.

I think postgis extension is not the only extention that creates both tables, 
functions and insert data,
but if there are a way to configure pgaudit so you get rid of the inserts maybe 
its a way to handle it.

Från: Joe Conway [m...@joeconway.com]
Skickat: den 18 januari 2018 17:54
Till: Svensson Peter; pgsql-performa...@postgresql.org
Ämne: Re: pgaudit and create postgis extension logs a lot inserts

On 01/18/2018 04:12 AM, Svensson Peter wrote:
> When I then install  postgis extension in a database it writes a huge
> amount of logs which slow down the server a lot.
> Not only table creation and functions are logged,  even  all inserts in
> spatial_ref_sys are written to the audit-log.
> ......
> INSERT INTO ""spatial_ref_sys"" (""srid"",""auth_name"
> ....
> This behaviour make pgaudit useless in our environment due to the
> overhead in log-file write.

How often do you intend to install PostGIS? Disable pgaudit, install
PostGIS, enable pgaudit?


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