Ok, I'll give more data :-)

Under both MySql and Postgres the tests were run on a variety of systems,
all with similar results.  My own personal testing was done on a P4 2.4Mhz,
512 mb memory, latest production versions of each database.  By vanilla
RedHat I mean that I installed RH on a clean system, said install everything
and did no customization of RH settings.
We had about 40 tables in the db, with joined queries on about 8-12 tables.
Some tables had 10,000 records, some 1000 records, other tables had dozens
of records.  There were indexes on all join fields, and all join fields were
listed as foriegn keys.  All join fields were unique primary keys in their
home table (so the index distribution would be very spread out).  I'm not
permitted to post the actual tables as per company policy.

I did no tuning of MySql.  The only tuning for PG was to vacuum and vacuum

I'll also mention that comments like this one are not productive:

>I don't think Brian has any interest in being helped.

Please understand the limits of how much information a consultant can submit
to an open list like this about a client's confidential information.  I've
answered every question I _can_ answer and when I get hostility in response
all I can do is sigh and move on.
I'm sorry if Shridhar is upset that I can't validate his favorite db but ad
hominin comments aren't helpful.


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On Friday 04 July 2003 17:57, Brian Tarbox wrote:
> I recently took a system from MySQL to Postgres.  Same HW, SW, same data.
> The major operations where moderately complex queries (joins on 8 tables).
> The results we got was that Postgres was fully 3 times slower than MySql.
> We were on this  list a fair bit looking for answers and tried all the
> standard answers.  It was still much  much much slower.

This invites the slew of questions thereof. Can you provide more information

1. Hardware
2. Postgresql version
3. Postgresql tuning you did
4. data size
5. nature of queries
6. mysql benchmarks to rate against.

Unless you provide these, it's difficult to help..


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