My goodness people!!  If you are just going to bash people who are trying to
learn PostgreSQL then you have no chance of ever getting new people using
it!  Cut out this crap and do what this list is meant to do, which is, I'm
assuming, helping people figure out why their installations aren't running
as fast as they would like.  This is pathetic!!


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> > I'm not saying (and never did say) that postgres could not be fast.
> > All I ever said was that with the same minimal effort applied to both
> > DBs, postgres was slower.
> Afaik, your original posting said postgresql was 3 times slower than mysql
> and that you are going to leave this list now. This implied that you have
> made your decision between postgresql and mysql, taking mysql because it
> faster.
> Now you say your testing setup has minimal effort applied. Well, it is not
> very surprising that mysql is faster in standard configurations. As
> pointed out, postgresql has very conservative default values, so that it
> starts on nearly every machine.
> If I was your client and gave you the task to choose a suitable database
> my application and you evaluated suitable databases this way, then
> is seriously wrong with your work.
> Regards,
> Bjoern
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