On Fri, Jul 04, 2003 at 12:10:46PM -0400, Brian Tarbox wrote:
> I am not allowed to share schemas...sorry but thats what the contract says.
> The queries represent code, thus intellectual property, thus I can't post
> them.

If you ask for help, but say, "I can't tell you anything," no-one
will be able to help you.  

I think what people are reacting to angrily is that you complain that
PostgreSQL is slow, it appears you haven't tuned it correctly, and
you're not willing to share with anyone what you did.  In that case,
you shouldn't be reporting, "MySQL was faster that PostgreSQL for
me." You should at most be reporting, "MySQL was faster than
PostgreSQL for me, but I haven't any idea how to tune PostgreSQL, and
didn't know how to learn to do so."  That, at least, gives people a
fighting chance to evaluate the utility of your report.


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