On Sunday 13 July 2003 12:05, Balazs Wellisch wrote:
> Hi all,
> However, to be able to justify the move I will have to demonstrate that
> PostgreSQL is up to par with MSSQL and MySQL when it comes to
> performance. After having read through the docs and the lists it seems
> obvious that PostgreSQL is not configured for high performance out of
> the box. I don't have months to learn the ins and outs of PostgreSQL
> performance tuning so I looked around to see if there are any
> preconfigured solutions out there.

 If postgresql performance is going to be a concern, concurrency 
considerations with mysql will be even bigger concern. Postgresql can be 
tuned. For achieving good concurrency with mysql, you might have to redesign 
your app.

In general, this list can help you to tune the things. Shouldn't be that big 

> I found that Red Hat Database 2.1 comes with PostgreSQL installed.
> However, as far as I can tell it comes with postgreSQL 7.2 and it
> requires Red Hat 8.0 or Red Hat Advanced Server which is based on Red
> Hat 7.2. Would I be better off installing Red Hat 9.0 and PostgreSQL 7.3
> and try to performance tune the installation myself, or should I buy Red
> Hat Advanced Server and install Red Hat Database 2.1? (Let's say money
> is no object)

I would rather vote for RH-AS with postgresql 7.4 devel. Former for it's 
big-app tunings out of the box and later for it's performance.

Of course best way is to try it out yourself.  Even vanilaa distro. on good 
hardware should be plenty good..


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