> There are many Linux and other OS distributions that will work just
> fine. You may need to tweak a few kernel configuration parameters, but
> that's not too difficult; see:

Yes, I looked at the online documentation but found it a little too generic.
Although it gives me good idea of where to look to adjust performance
related parameters I need a little more specific advise. I just don't have
the time to tweak and test different configurations for months to see what
works and what doesn't. Ideally, I'd love to run my own benchmarks and
become an expert at postgresql, but unfortunately in the real world I have
deadlines to meet and clients to appease. So, I was hoping someone would
have some real world experiences to share running postgresql on RH in an
enterprise environment.

> I would *not* use the default version of Postgres shipped with any
> particular distribution. Use 7.3.3 because that is the latest released
> version. Or, as Shridhar mentioned in his post, the are a number of
> pretty significant performance improvements in 7.4 (which is in feature
> freeze and scheduled to go into beta on 21 July). If you are in an
> exploratory/test phase rather than production right now, I'd say use the
> 7.4 beta for your comparisons.

Well, I could start by testing 7.4, however I'd have to go back to the
stable version once we're ready to use it a production environment. So, I
might as well stick with eveluating the production version.

> If money is truly not a problem, but time is, my advice is to hire a
> consultant. There are probably several people on this list that can fill
> that role for you. Otherwise read the archives and ask lots of specific
> questions.

Once we're ready to go with postgresql in a production environment we may
indeed need to hire a consultant. Any suggestions whom I should contact?
(We're in the San Diego area)

Thank you for your advice.


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