Balazs Wellisch wrote:
I don't have months to learn the ins and outs of PostgreSQL
performance tuning so I looked around to see if there are any
preconfigured solutions out there.

I don't know of a preconfigured solution. Generally speaking, the best configuration will be highly dependent on your hardware, data, and application.

Hat Advanced Server and install Red Hat Database 2.1? (Let's say money
is no object)

There are many Linux and other OS distributions that will work just fine. You may need to tweak a few kernel configuration parameters, but that's not too difficult; see:

I would *not* use the default version of Postgres shipped with any particular distribution. Use 7.3.3 because that is the latest released version. Or, as Shridhar mentioned in his post, the are a number of pretty significant performance improvements in 7.4 (which is in feature freeze and scheduled to go into beta on 21 July). If you are in an exploratory/test phase rather than production right now, I'd say use the 7.4 beta for your comparisons.

If money is truly not a problem, but time is, my advice is to hire a consultant. There are probably several people on this list that can fill that role for you. Otherwise read the archives and ask lots of specific questions.


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