Hannu Krosing wrote:
How do you do RAID 1+0 with just two drives ?

Hmm, good point -- I must have been tired last night ;-). With two drives you can do mirroring or striping, but not both.

Usually I've seen a pair of mirrored drives for the OS, and a RAID 1+0 array for data. But that requires 6 drives, not 5. On non-database servers usually the data array is RAID 5, and you could get away with 5 drives (as someone else pointed out).

As I said, I've never personally found it necessary to move WAL off to a different physical drive. What do you think is the best configuration given the constraint of 5 drives? 1 drive for OS, and 4 for RAID 1+0 for data-plus-WAL? I guess the ideal would be to find enough money for that 6th drive, use the mirrored pair for both OS and WAL.


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