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> Actually I am going through the same questions myself at the
> moment.... I would like to have a 2 disk RAID1 and a 4 disk RAID5, so
> need at least 6 disks....
> Anybody have any suggestions or experience with other hardware
> manufacturers for this size of setup? (2U rack, up to 6 disks, 2
> processors, ~2GB RAM, if possible)

We recently bought a couple of Compaq Proliant DL380 units.  They are
2u, and support 6 disks, 2 CPU's, 12Gb max.

We purchased 2 units of 1CPU, 4x72Gb RAID 0+1, 1Gb mem, redundant fans
and power supplies for around $11,000 total.  Unfortunately they are
running Win2K with SQLAnywhere (ClearQuest/Web server) ;-)  So far (5
months), they're real board...


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