> > >Adam Witney wrote:
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> > If you would go with that one, make sure to get the optional BBWC 
> > (Battery Backed Write Cache). Without it the controller 
> won't enable 
> > the write-back cache (which it really shouldn't, since it 
> wouldn't be 
> > safe without the batteries). WB cache can really speed things on in 
> > many db situations - it's sort of like "speed of fsync off, 
> security 
> > of fsync on". I've seen huge speedups with both postgresql 
> and other 
> > databases on that.
> Don't forget to check the batteries!!!  And if you have an 
> HPaq service contract, don't rely on them to do it...

That's what management software is for.. :-) (Yes, it does check the
batteries. They are also reported on reboot, but you don't want to do
that often, of course)

Under the service contract, HP will *replace* the batteries for free,
though - but you have to know when to replace them.


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