On Tue, 2003-07-22 at 07:53, Alexander Priem wrote:
> Wow, I never figured how many different RAID configurations one could think
> Also because of this battery backed cache controller, I will go for the ext2
> file system, mounted with 'noatime'. I will use a UPS, so I don't think I
> need the journaling of ext3.

Oooooo, I don't think I'd do that!!!!!  It's akin to saying, "I
don't need to make backups, because I have RAID[1,5,10,1+0]

If the power is out for 26 minutes and your UPS only lasts for 25
minutes, you could be in be in for a long, painful boot process if
the box crashes.  (For example, the UPS auto-shutdown daemon doesn't
work properly, and no one can get to the console to shut it down
properly before the batteries die.)

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