Thanks, i'll look further into these mount setting.

I was just thinking, the server will have a (RAID) controller containing
128Mb of battery-backed cache memory. This would really speed up inserts to
the disk and would prevent data loss in case of a power-down also.

What would you guys think of not using RAID5 in that case, but just a really
fast 15.000 rpm SCSI-320 disk?

Kind regards,

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> On 21 Jul 2003 at 13:45, Alexander Priem wrote:
> > So where can I set the noatime & data=writeback variables? They are not
> > PostgreSQL settings, but rather Linux settings, right? Where can I find
> > these?
> These are typicaly set in /etc/fstab.conf. These are mount settings. man
> for more details.
> The second setting data=writeback is ext3 specific, IIRC.
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