Thanks, I will look at the site you sent me and purchase some hardware. Then
I will run some benchmarks.

Kind regards,

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> Hi Alexander ,
> On 21 Jul 2003 at 11:23, Alexander Priem wrote:
> > So the memory settings I specified are pretty much OK?
> As of now yes, You need to test with these settings and make sure that
> perform as per your requirement. That tweaking will always be there...
> > What would be good guidelines for setting effective_cache_size, noatime
> I suggest you look at
> That should help you.
> > I use ext3 filesystem, which probably is not the best performer, is it?
> No. You also need to check ext2, reiser and XFS. There is no agreement
> users as in what works best. You need to benchmark and decide.
> > I will set the WAL on a separate drive. What do I need to change in the
> > files to achive this?
> No. You need to shutdown postgresql server process and symlink WAL and
> directories in postgresql database cluster to another place. That should
do it.
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>  Shridhar
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