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> Shridhar Daithankar wrote:
> > I agree, specifying per table thresholds would be good in autovacuum..
> Which begs the question of what the future direction is for pg_autovacuum.

This is a good question.

> There would be some merit to having pg_autovacuum throw in some tables
> in which to store persistent information

As long as pg_autovacuum is either a contrib module, or not integrated into
the backend, we can't do this.  I don't think we should require that tables
are added to your database in order to run pg_autovacuum, I have thought
that a "helper table" could be used, this table, if found by pg_autovacuum
would use it for per table defaults, exclusion list etc....  That way
pg_autovacuum can run without a polluted database, or can be tuned.

If pg_autovacuum in made official, moves out of contrib and becomes a core
tool, then we can either add columns to some system catalogs to track this
information or add a new system table.

> All well and interesting stuff that could be worth implementing.
> But the usual talk has been about ultimately integrating the
> functionality into the backend, making it fairly futile to enhance
> pg_autovacuum terribly much.
> Unfortunately, the "integrate into the backend" thing has long seemed
> "just around the corner."  I think we should either:
>  a) Decide to enhance pg_autovacuum, or
>  b) Not.

I have been talking about "integraging it into the backend" for a while, and
I used to think it was "just around the corner"  unfortunately, work
schedule and my C skills have prevented me from getting anything useful
working.  If you would like to work on it, I would help as much as possible.

I chose to leave pg_autovacuum simple and not add too many features because
the core team has said that it needs to be integrated into the backend
before it can be considered a core tool.

ps, please cc me as I'm not subscribed to the list.

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