On Wed, 2003-08-06 at 00:45, Tom Lane wrote:
> For core code, the answer would be a big NYET.  We do not do feature
> additions in point releases, only bug fixes.  While contrib code is more
> under the author's control than the core committee's control, I'd still
> say that you'd be making a big mistake to not follow that basic
> guideline.  People expect release x.y.z+1 to be the same as x.y.z except
> for bug fixes.  Introducing any new bugs into x.y.z+1 would cause a
> large loss in your credibility.
> (speaking as one who's introduced new bugs into a point-release
> recently, and is still embarrassed about it, even though the intent
> was only to fix older bugs...)

Right, OK, that is basically the answer I was expecting, but thought I
would ask.


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