> > > Well, yeah.  But given the Linux propensity for introducing major
> > > features in "minor" releases (and thereby introducing all the
> > > attendant bugs), I'd think twice about using _any_ Linux feature
> > > until it's been through a major version (e.g. things introduced in
> > > 2.4.x won't really be stable until 2.6.x) -- and even there one is
> > > taking a risk[1].
> > 
> > Dudes, seriously - switch to FreeBSD :P
> Yeah, it's nice to have a BUG FREE OS huh? ;^)
> And yes, I've used FreeBSD, it's quite good, but I kept getting the
> feeling it wasn't quite done.  Especially the installation
> documentation.

While the handbook isn't the same as reading the actual source or the
only FreeBSD documentation, it certainly is quite good (to the point
that publishers see small market to publish FreeBSD books because the
documentation provided by the project is so good), IMHO.


If anyone on this list has any issues with the documentation, please
take them up with me _privately_ and I will do my best to either
address or correct the problem.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled and on topic programming...  -sc

Sean Chittenden
"(PostgreSQL|FreeBSD).org - The Power To Serve"

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