On Tue, Aug 12, 2003 at 02:39:19PM -0400, Bill Moran wrote:
> Meaning ... just tell it a raw partition to keep the data on and
> Postgre would create its own "filesystem" ... obviously, doing that
> would allow Postgre to bypass all the failings of all filesystems
> and rely entirely apon its own rules.
> Or are modern filesystems advanced enough that doing something like
> that would lose more than it would gain?

The latter, mostly.  This has been debated repeatedly on -hackers. 
If you want "raw" access, then you have to implement some other kind
of specialised filesystem of your own.  And you have to have all
sorts of nice tools to cope with the things that (for instance) fsck
handles.  I think the reaction of most developers has been, "Why
reinvent the wheel?"


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