On 08/08/2003 11:28 mixo wrote:
I have just installed redhat linux 9 which ships with Pg
7.3.2. Pg has to be setup so that data inserts (blobs) should
be able to handle at least 8M at a time. The machine has
two P III 933MHz CPU's, 1.128G RAM (512M*2 + 128M), and
a 36 Gig hd with 1 Gig swap and 3 equal size ext3 partitions.
What would be the recomended setup for good performance
considering that the db will have about 15 users for
9 hours in a day, and about 10 or so users throughout the day
who wont be conistenly using the db.

It doesn't sound like a particlarly heavy loading to me. I'd start off with something like

shared_buffers = 2000
sort_mem = 1024
max_coonections = 100

and see how it performs under normal business loading.

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