Josh Berkus wrote:
> Jeff,
> > Informix, etc. have spent a lot of time and money working on it.
> > They also have the advantage of having many paid fulltime
> > developers who are doing this for a job, not as a weekend hobby
> > (Compared to the what? 2-3 full time PG developers).
> I think 4-6 full-time, actually, plus about 200 part-time contributors.  Which 
> adds up to a bloody *lot* of code if you monitor pgsql-patches between 
> versions.  The only development advantage the commercials have over us is the 
> ability to engage in large projects (e.g. replication, raw filesystems, etc.) 
> that are difficult for a distributed network of people.

I think Informix's track record for post-Informix 5.0 releases is poor:

        6.0 aborted release, pretty much withdrawn
        7.0 took 1-2 years to stabalize
        8.0 where was that?
        9.0 confused customers

How much does Informix improve in 6 months?  In 2 years?  How long does
it take to get a bug fixed?

At this point, only the largest corporations can keep up with our
open-source development model.  The other database vendors have already
closed, as did Informix when purchased by IBM.

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