On Wed, 2003-08-13 at 10:46, Josh Berkus wrote:
> Jeff,
> > The other advantage (which I hinted to above) with raw disks is being able
> > to optimize queries to take advantage of it.  Informix is multithreaded
> > and it will spawn off multiple "readers" to do say, a seq scan (and merge
> > the results at the end).
> I like this idea.  Has it ever been discussed for PostgreSQL?  Hmmm .... we'd 
> need to see some tests demonstrating that this approach was still a technical 
> advantage given the improvements in RAID  and FS technology since Informix 
> was designed.

Wouldn't PG 1st need horizontal partitioning, and as a precursor to
that, "tablespaces"?

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