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Tom Lane <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

=> Are you sure you want Postgres, and not something smaller?  BDB,
=> or SQL Lite, for example?
I have considered various options, including BDB and SQL Lite, but
alas, it will have to be postgres if it's going to be a database. Otherwise
it will be back to the original idea of flat .idx files :(
=> "Postgres is bloatware by design: it was built to house PhD theses."
=> -- J. Hellerstein (who ought to know)
 :o)  Believe me, I've been amazed since I encountered postgres v6.3.2
in '98

=> But having said that ... given virtual memory and cramped configuration
=> settings, Postgres would certainly run in an 8M machine.  Maybe "crawl"
=> would be a more applicable verb than "run", but you could execute it.

Crawling is ok. Won't differ much from normal operation on a machine like that.
Any  tips on how to achieve the most diminutive vmem an conf settings?
I tried to figure this out from the docs, and played around with 
backend/storage , but I'm not really winning.


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