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Tom Lane <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

=> What exactly is failing? And what's the platform, anyway?

Nothing is really failing atm, except the funds for better hardware. JBOSS and some other servers need to be run on these machines, along with linux, which will be a minimal RH >= 7.2 with kernel 2.4.21
(Any better suggestions here?)

In this case, whatever is the least amount of memory
postgres can run on, is what is needed. So this is still
a kind of feasibility study. Of course, it will still be thoroughly
tested, if it turns out to be possible. (Which I know it is, but not how)

If you mean to say that postgresql should use just 8 MB of RAM rather than running it on a 8MB machine, then that is impossible given how much postgresql relies upon OS cache.

You may configure postgresql with 8MB shared memory or the old holy default of 512K, but if your database is 100MB and OS is caching half of it on behalf of postgresql, your goal is already missed..


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