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Josh Berkus <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
=> 1. Make sure that the WAL files (pg_xlog) are on a seperate disk from the 
=> database files, either through mounting or symlinking.
I'm not sure I understand how this helps?

=> 2. Tweak the .conf file for low vacuum_mem (1024?), but vacuum very 
=> frequently, like every 1-5 minutes.  Spend some time tuning your 
=> fsm_max_pages to the ideal level so that you're not allocating any extra 
=> memory to the FSM.
=> 3. If your concern is *average* CPU/RAM consumption, and not peak load 
=> activity, increase wal_files and checkpoint_segments to do more efficient 
=> batch processing of pending updates as the cost of some disk space.  If peak 
=> load activity is a problem, don't do this.
=> 4. Tune all of your queries carefully to avoid anything requiring a 
=> RAM-intensive merge join or CPU-eating calculated expression hash join, or 
=> similar computation-or-RAM-intensive operations.

Thanks, I'll try some of these, and post the results.
The actual machines seem to be Pentium I machines,
with 32M RAM. I've gathered that it is theoretically 
possible, so no to go try it.


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