On 09/10/2003 09:29 Oliver Scheit wrote:
Hi guys,

I followed the discussion and here are my 0.2$:

I think instead of thinking about where to put the
information about tuning, someone should provide a
"pgsql-autotune". Maybe even a shell script would do the

It's not so hard to find out, how much memory is installed,
depend heavily on this. a "cat /proc/sys/kernel/shmmax"
would give some valuable information on linux boxes,
there is probably other stuff for different OSes.

random_page_cost could be set after probing the harddisks,
maybe even do a hdparm -tT if they seem to be ATA, not SCSI.

Now, let's pretend the script finds out there is 1 GB RAM,
it could ask something like "Do you want to optimize the
settings for postgres (other applications may suffer from
having not enough RAM) or do you want to use moderate

Something like this, you get the idea.

ISR reading that 7.4 will use a default of shared_beffers = 1000 if the machine can support it (most can). This alone should make a big difference in out-of-the-box performance.

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