Heya Guys n Gals,

Having been following the thread on "go for a script! / ex: PostgreSQL vs.
MySQL". I thought I would throw something together in Perl. My current issue
is that I only have access to a RH Linux box and so cannot make it
cross-platform on my own :-(. Anyhow please find it attached. It runs fine
on my box, it doesnt actually write to postgresql.conf because I didnt want
to mess it up, it does however write to postgresql.conf.new for the moment.
The diffs seem to be writing correctly. There are a set of parameters at the
top which may need to get tweaked for your platform. I can also carry on
posting to this list new versions if people want. Clearly this lot is open
source, so please feel free to play with it and post patches/new features
back either to the list or my email directly. In case you cant see my email
address, it is nicky at the domain below.

 I will also post it on me website and as I develop it further new versions
will appear there


Is this a useful start?


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