Josh Berkus wrote:


Having been following the thread on "go for a script! / ex: PostgreSQL vs.
MySQL". I thought I would throw something together in Perl.

Cool! Would you be willing to work with me so that I can inject some of my knowledge of .conf tuning?

Sounds good to me. I will carry on working on it but I would definitely need some help, or at least a list of parameters to tweak, and some recomended values based on data about the puter in question.

So far:

shared_buffers = 1/16th of total memory
effective_cache_size = 80% of the supposed kernel cache.

I guess we also may be able to offer a simple and advanced mode. Simple mode would work on these recomended values, but kick it into advanced mode and the user can tweak things more finely. This would only be recomended for the Guru's out there of course. This may take a bit more time to do though.

As I said in the previous email I have only got access to Linux, so cross-platform help would be good too. I will try to make it as easy to do cross platform stuff as possible of course.


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