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> http://www.ussg.iu.edu/hypermail/linux/kernel/0310.1/0208.html
> Shridhar

My $0.1:

I just stumbled across an interesting filesystem comparison table today,
comparing ext2/ext3/reiser/reiser4/jfs/xfs on a single UP P2/450 machine
with an old UDMA2 Seagate.

Now however archaic this box may have been, I think that the tests still
bear some objectivity, as it's a comparison test and not some "how much
can we squeeze out of xyz" type of bragging.

The tests were done using bonnie++ and IOZone and are essentially just a
couple of tables listing the average results achieved by each of those

Also, ext3, reiser and reiser4 were tested in a couple of different
configurations (reiser4 extents, reiser notail, ext3 journal, ordered and
writeback mode).

Oh, i shouldn't forget - the address is http://fsbench.netnation.com/ :)

    Grega Bremec
    Sistemska administracija in podpora

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