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> Kaarel wrote:
> >>>http://www.ussg.iu.edu/hypermail/linux/kernel/0310.1/0208.html
> >>>
> >>>Shridhar
> >>>    
> >>>
> > I feel incompetent when it comes to file systems. Yet everybody would like to 
> > have the best file system if given the choice...so do I :) Here I am looking at 
> > those tables seeing JFS having more green cells than others. The more green the 
> > better right? So based on these tests JFS ought to be the one?
> Yes and no. Yes for the results. No for the tests that weren't run.
> Database load is quite different. Its mixture of read and write load with a 
> dynamics varying from one extreme to other, between these two.
> All it says that if you want to choose a good file system for postgresql, look 
> at JFS first..:-)
>   Besides all the tests were done on files file bigger than 1GB. If single file 
> size is restricted to 1GB, it might produce a different result set. And 
> postgresql does not exceed 1GB limit per file.
> So still, quite a few unknowns there..

Absolutely.  For instance, one file system may be faster on a RAID card 
with battery backed cache, while another may be faster on an IDE drive 
with write cache disabled, while another may be faster on software RAID1, 
while another might be faster on software RAID5.

If you haven't tested different file systems on your setup, you don't 
really know which will be faster until you do.

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