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I feel incompetent when it comes to file systems. Yet everybody would like to have the best file system if given the choice...so do I :) Here I am looking at those tables seeing JFS having more green cells than others. The more green the better right? So based on these tests JFS ought to be the one?

Those tests seem to align with the ones I did recently: http://www.potentialtech.com/wmoran/postgresql.php#results

There were less filesystems involved, and the data is less comprehensive,
but probably a little easier to understand (i.e. -> fastest filesystem
at the top of the graph, slowest at the bottom).

I've been telling people that JFS is fastest.  This is definately
oversimplified, since the "shoot out" shows that it's not _always_
fastest, but for people who just want to make a good initial choice,
and won't do their own testing to find out what's fastest in their
configuration (for whatever reason), I think JFS is the safest bet.
Since it's a journalling filesystem as well, it should have good
recoverability in the even of catastrophy, but I haven't tested

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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