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> (I'd argue that the SQL generator is broken anyway ;-) if it generates
> such horrible conditions as that.  Or maybe the real problem is that
> the database schema is a mess and needs rethinking.)

I had the same reaction when I first saw those queries. But I think the
problem with the RT schema is that it needs to implement an ACL system that
satisfies lots of different usage models.

Some people that use it want tickets to be accessible implicitly by the opener
like a bug tracking system, others want the tickets to be internal only like a
network trouble ticketing system. Some people want to restrict specific
operations at a fine-grain, others want to be have more sweeping acls.

I've tried doing ACL systems before and they always turned into messes long
before that point. I always end up pushing back and trying to force the client
to make up his or her mind of exactly what he or she needs before my head
explodes . If there's a nice general model for ACLs that can include
completely different usage models I've never found it.


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